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Super Monday

So, it’s the day after Super Sunday. Well, what used to be Super. There was a time that Super Bowl Sunday was damn near an American holiday. Remember those days? Way back in early 2020?

Yeah, no crowd, no big fanfare, not even a lot of the much loved TV commercials. Big Brands were using that money to advance ‘COVID relief and vaccines’. Yeah…sure. Just more social wokeness and pandering. But that’s not what this email is about.

Leadership and football, particularly this year’s football. So Tom Brady. Regardless if you see him as potentially the GOAT or just another quarterback, here’s something to ponder.

When Brady was winning all those championships with the Patriots, a lot of people attributed it to the coach, Belichick, his arsenal of teammates and even the money poured into the team by the owner. Maybe it was. Belichick is a great coach and I personally don’t like the Patriots but admire his ‘do your job’ system of playing football. (Perhaps another email topic)

But this year, the icon of the Patriots isn’t in in Boston, he’s in Tampa, Florida. Not only at the Super Bowl, but in the Super Bowl. How?

Well, maybe it’s leadership. Brady is a technically good quarterback, but great? I dunno. But…he has the receipts, as we say, with multiple rings. So, maybe, he has developed that something extra, that something unseen, the variable as we call it in management.

The Buccaneers may not have had the best team (I don’t know the outcome, as I’m writing this prior to the game) but if you were a mediocre team, imagine the boost of confidence it brings when you find out THE Tom Brady is your new QB. It has to instill a new level of confidence, right?

Same in the everyday world of leadership. As a leader, you don’t have to be the technically best at any particular part of the jobs. You do, however, need to be able to bring that confidence and winning spirit to your team. You do that by having confidence in yourself and your abilities as a leader.

You have to believe you’re the GLOAT. The Greatest Leader Of All Time.

Need help figuring out how? Contact me and let’s work togther.

Now, go lead from the front!

Semper Fortis

Chief Chuck