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Fortis Ductus

Military people love Latin. We love mottos, slogans, sayings and unit titles in Latin. It reminds us of our ties to the ancient Roman armies, the Spartans and the glorious past of military greatness. And Latin sounds cool and is almost like a secret code.
Semper Fidelis is probably the most famous, the motto of the Marine Corps, meaning Always Faithful. The Navy has Semper Fortis…Always Strong. The Army has many, the Air Force, Coast Guard…all of us. Some of you probably have family crests with Latin mottos or sayings.
So, what is Fortis Ductus? Strong Leadership. You see, I’ve come to the realization that leadership is not only sorely missing from modern management, but the reason it is missing is because leadership simply isn’t taught. Oh, there are plenty lessons taught in business schools about management, metrics, process, budget, cost, schedule, performance. But what isn’t taught is the fine art and skill set of how to make all those things happen.
It’s people. And people, while a resource, don’t usually require management, they require leadership. They want and need an example, the figurehead, the point. Anyone can tell them what to do, how to do it, but who tells them why to do it? What’s the vision? What’s the mission? How are you a stakeholder?
All these things, and so much more, make up the art of leadership. And we’ll dive into that. This blog gives me a focused, centralized place to house my leadership thoughts, ideas, lessons and most importantly, feedback and information FROM you.
I’m excited, this has been a vision of mine for some time. I have wisdom to share, experiences to pass on and the thrill of seeing new leaders develop. Let’s get to it.
Check back here often to see news about the new blog.
Let’s lead.
Semper Fortis, Fortis Ductus
Chief Chuck